Riviera Citron

The Citron (Citrus medica) is considered to be the ancestor of all citrus fruits, as all other plants that belong to this botanical genus derive from Citron. Today the Citron Tree is mainly grown and processed in Calabria, along the high Tyrrhenean coastline of Cosenza that stretches from Belvedere Marittimo to Tortora. The area is called Riviera dei Cedri, and Santa Maria del Cedro lies at its very heart. This where 98% of the Italian production of Citron is grown.
Citron is rich in flavonoids, particularly in Hesperidin, an active ingredient that is well known for its soothing, refreshing and protective properties. Hesperidin contained in Citron of Riviera dei Cedri is also an effective activator of lymphatic circulation and a reinforcing agent of capillaries. It helps relieve skin reddening and inflammation, and reduce dark spots.