ECO SUSTAINABLE COSMETICS featuring italian botanical excellence

We are a leading company in natural science and botanical and dermatological research. We’ve been studying skin for over 35 years to find the best natural solutions for skin health.
Our founder, Dr. Vittorino Bortolin, is a great pharmaceutical botany scholar. He invented many cosmetic and pharmaceutical varieties but, mostly, he has been a pioneer in the natural environment protection.
Following the example of its founder, COSMETERIA VERDE fights passionately to defend the natural environment and to protect botanical and cultural heritage of the Italian regions.
Certified in accordance with ISO 9001 (quality), 14001 (environmental protection) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), Cosmeteria Verde-Valetudo develops, patents, manufactures and distributes its products worldwide.
Be in Tune with our Values
Our habits and the lifestyle typical of a globalised industrial civilisation are affecting the ecosystem with consequences that are becoming more evident every day, with a negative impact on our natural heritage, climate change and environmental pollution.
Environmental pollution is having an increasingly tangible effect on our skin, with allergic manifestations developing more frequently, alongside fragile skin and accelerated skin aging processes.
At this point, it is really important for each of us to help mount an effective defence of the ecosystem. This involves the choice of the most common products we use every day, starting with skin care products.
Cosmeteria Verde is a line of cosmetic products based on Italian botanical excellence. Ingredients are collected and processed in Italy in compliance with rigorous environmental standards.
Extraordinarily effective products that are safe for both the skin and the environment.
Products that do not make use of ingredients obtained from remote and costly plant species, or of plants cultivated following insensitive deforestation.
Products based on natural active ingredients, extracted from typical Italian plants, genuine Italian botanical excellence.
A new approach to skincare
ITALIAN BOTANICAL EXCELLENCE a source of active ingredients for skin care
A fortunate combination of climatic, geographical and historical factors has placed at Italy’s disposal a heritage of botanical excellence that is famous worldwide, with plants that are rich in fragrance and flavours but also contain precious active ingredients for health, beauty and personal wellness.
Among these excellent plants, Cosmeteria Verde has identified 12 authentic blades for skin protection :